Support Topic: Heat Issues

Tub reading temp

we have an edison 680 sundance hot tub. The temp is set at 101F but I opened the lid and it says 104 F never

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Hot Tub Temperature

We notice that our Kingston 980 spa (owned for 3 years), will have the temperature drop from 104′ at the beginning to 100′ within about

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Jacuzzi j470 error

I have a error code low flow switch error. I emptied the tub and refilled it. So the code is still there. Check for air

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Hot tub heating

My 2005 Sundance Laguna is not heating the water anymore. It has worked flawlessly for 15 years minus some small easy repairs I have done

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Hot tub

Hello. Despite turning the temperature of our hot tub down we can’t seem to get the temperature we set. We turn it down to 90

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Hot tub heat

Our Chelsea hot tub is not heating. The heater light indicator on the panel is on. The circulating pump is running. The water was at

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