2013 Optima Spa keeps tripping the breaker

optima serial number 00P3LCD-100471873-0913 The smart heater is leaking a tiny bit but would that be what is causing the breaker to flip. I did order the heater but am wondering if I need the high limit sensor and temperature sensor as well. If so what are the part numbers for those parts? This will be the third time we’ve changed the heater in the last 5 years. Any idea on why this part doesn’t seem to last?
Thank you

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  1. Disconnect the heater at the circuit board and if the breaker holds you know that you could have a bad heater. You shouldn’t need to replace the hi-limit or the temp sensor necessarily if the heater is tripping the breaker. Heater’s typically fail because of poor water chemistry ie the water being excessively Acidic or excessively Basic.

  2. Ok. Could you tell me which hi limit sensor my 2013 optima hot tub would need? If I remember last time we changed the heater that hi limit sensor was compromised in the process.
    Thank you.

  3. We disconnected the heater from the circuit board and the tub stayed running so we knew it was the heater We installed a new heater yesterday. I checked the tub this morning and the red indicator light was on. There is now an error message of – – – – I looked in our manual and it is the watchdog code for to high of temperature. Would this mean we need to change the temp sensor and hi limit switch? There is no service tech in sask anymore so we are on our own with fixing.

    1. Did you install the original hi-limit probe in the correct dry well slot of the new heater and cover the opening with silicone so no ambient air can drift into the slot?

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