Support Topic: Control Panel Errors

Jacuzzi J245

I have a jacuzzi j245 hot tub that all of the sudden had no heat and an F-1 code. I checked the filter and made

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Control Panel Problem

Hi, I have a Sundance Spa Optima (OXO3LCD-100312732-0308). I am having problems with the main control panel, all function buttons work with the exception of

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Hot Tub FL1 Error Code

Hi, I’m getting repeated FL1 error codes on my Hawthorne Sundance hot tub. Sometimes cleared by powering down then up, sometimes cleared by filling the

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FL1 Code

My Pump 1 and 2 are both working, but still getting the FL1 code and no heat. I tried the hose trick, and some bubbles

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199 SUNDANCE spa optima 850

Replaced old circuit board 6600-028 with new circuit board 6600-730 and now my top control panel shows error code poh. None of the controls work.

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Hot Tub Errors

I purchased a new heater/ control pack from you, I gave you the model number and you configured the new pack to the proper settings

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