6600-160 control converted to 6600-392

I bought a 6600-892 to install into my 2010 Maxxus 880 from Aqua-Tech.
Once installed I am seeing a number of flashing information on the topside, What comes up initially is 8.08 and flashing through with “Standard, “filter symbol”, “Clock of circle symbol”, etc.
When flashing stops it goes to a screen that shows 3.1A and stays there and seems to be stuck there. No other functions work from there.
Any ideas?
Is there a modification that is required to change from a 160 to a 392 that I am missing?

Thank you

1 thought on “6600-160 control converted to 6600-392”

  1. Hi Ken. If when you power up the spa the circ pump comes on to run its cycle then it sounds like you could have a bad topside control panel. There are no modifications required to change from a 160 board to a 392 board. Make sure your main bank jumpers are set correctly ie JP9-15 off, JP9-1 off, JP19-3 off etc. I’m attaching a purchase link for the topside in case you require it for your convenience: https://support.aqua-tech.ca/store/index.php/sundance-parts/electronics/control-panel-sundance-880-2009.html

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