What is the best system to take care of a chlorine pool?

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  1. This is a great question! The DazzleTM Pure + Simple System is considered the premier system available for its ability to provide the mineral feel and comfort of a salt pool, along with the most effective sanitizing approach available on the market. It is designed to take your bathing experience to new heights, all in 2 simple steps per week. And best of all, it is guaranteed to keep your pool water algae-free all summer long!

    Prior to Using the Pure + Simple System:

    Properly balance your pool water – take a water sample to Aqua-Tech for a complete step-by-step water test and analysis with the DazzleTM AquaAce water analysis system.

    How to Use Dazzle Pure + Simple:

    Initially, apply one 4 kg package of DazzleTM Pure + Simple Activator per 40,000 litres of pool water by slowly pouring the mixture into a clean skimmer, free of any other products. Once applied, Activator builds a unique mineral base in your pool water that brings the Pure + Simple System to life.

    On a monthly basis thereafter, apply one x 1 kg package of Activator per 40,000 litres of pool water to keep the Activator level at the desired concentration.

    Following the application of Activator to your pool, regular maintenance is as simple and easy as 2 steps, performed once per week:

    1. Apply DazzleTM Pure + Simple Cleanse at the rate of one 250 gram pouch per 40,000 litres. Broadcast the product evenly over the surface of the pool, applying approx. 2/3 of the dosage across the deep end. Utilizing our unique Active Oxygen technology, Cleanse detoxifies and cleans water of common particulate and swimmer waste; oils, greases and organics, that normally accumulate, leaving water dazzling clear, fresh and gentle. You can swim just 15 minutes after applying Cleanse.

    2. Apply DazzleTM Pure + Simple Purify Sticks to the pool skimmer or automatic feeding device. Purify Sticks may be added immediately following the application of Cleanse. When Activator is maintained at the desired level usage of Purify Sticks should be approx. 1 stick per 40,000 litres per week. Test your chlorine residual periodically throughout the summer to ensure your sanitizer residual remains at approx. 1 ppm continuously.

    Unconditional Algae-free Guarantee:

    If you should get algae while using the DazzleTM Pure + Simple System, DazzleTM and Aqua-Tech will clean-up the problem at no cost to you. Performance Guaranteed!

    Benefits of the Pure + Simple System:

    1. Water is incredibly soft and comfortable for bathers

    2. Water smells fresh and clean and won’t irritate eyes or make them red

    3. Problem-free water – resists algae and cloudiness

    4. Has very little effect on water balance – helps keep the water in balance, limiting the requirement for frequent water testing and adjustments

    5. Softer and gentler on pool surfaces and equipment, including vinyl liners, solar blankets, heaters, etc. allowing them to maintain their proper appearance and last longer

    6. More environmentally sustainable, requiring significantly less chlorine

    7. No other synthetic chemicals to perform (like algaecides)

    8. Requires very little time and effort – just 2 easy steps performed weekly, taking 5 minutes to complete

    9. Less cost – both short and long-term

    10. Guaranteed Performance – if your pool gets algae, it is fixed for free

    How is the Aqua-Tech Pure + Simple System even better than a salt pool?

    Traditional salt pools require large amounts of salt (sodium chloride) to be dissolved in the pool water. This salt is then used to manufacture chlorine on site, creating a high chlorine environment that can bring about all the negative characteristics of a chlorine-treated swimming pool. In addition, salt can cause corrosion and unsightly stains to the pool environment. With the Pure + Simple System some clients will add and Ultra-Violet sanitizer as an additional contaminant destroying device to significantly reduce the consumption and level of chlorine required. This ‘low chlorine’ approach is very safe and comfortable for bathers and eliminates the odours, irritation and red-eyes commonly associated with chlorine. Salt is also coming under increased scrutiny for its negative environmental impact. The Pure + Simple System is a very enviro-friendly with no environmental limitations or water discharge restrictions. UV adds nothing to the water so there are no negative consequences as a result.

    What makes the water so comfortable on the Pure + Simple System?

    Two things; first of all, it is the effectiveness of Pure + Simple Activator in providing water that is as soft and comfortable as a mineral bath. Utilizing a unique, environmentally friendly mineral formula, Activator provides the mineral base that not only makes water soft and comfortable, but also provides a great defense against algae and cloudy water. Secondly, the unique properties of the Pure + Simple System continuously remove irritating chlorine odours and other chlorine compounds that are commonly associated with red-eyes and itchy skin. This continuous approach keeps water fresh, clean and inviting for bathers.



  2. Hi Catherine:

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