watch dog on spa / OH

I had shut down my hot tub last winter as per advice from Cathy from aqua tech now I am wanting to start up.
I had filled the tub and started the heater & circ pump at operating fine however I’m guessing it’s a temp sensor of some sort…?? because it states it is OH at 40-45 degrees then goes into watchdog. the h20 is cold … I shut off the outside breaker then try again in a few hours it starts and begins to heat then goes into watchdog within the hour…

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  1. Hi Joanne. Many things could cause a WATCHDOG message. Anything from a bad transformer, bad transformer connection to a bad PWA, topside panel, temperature sensor and more. If all else fails contact our Service Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair of your 2004 Sundance Marin Spa.

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