UV Light Issues?

I have a uv unit with my aqua tech pool equipment. Tonite i noted that the bulb went out and the red LED light on the ballast went on. The bulb then would go on and off.

Does this mean that I need a new bulb(which I’m due to replace anyways) or could it mean something more serious with the unit?


1 thought on “UV Light Issues?”

  1. Hi Mark. Sounds like you may have a flow issue. Check your water level, skimmer and pump basket and filters. If that all checks out you could have a bad psi switch. We recommend if you are going on your 3rd season for a lamp you should replace it. For your convenience I have attached a special pricing purchase link for a psi switch and Uv lamp. These prices are for parts shipped direct from our online warehouse and are not regular retail floor stock pricing. If purchased from the link today they would ship Monday:



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