Tub won’t run

I have Marin tub, wouldn’t run, error code, you only get a split second to read it. SN3. I replaced the heater 6500-310, high temp sensor 6600-168, temp sensor 6600-168 and the filter. Turn on the breaker, circ pump runs for 10 sec and ICE pops up and shuts down —-. Now nothing on restarts, just a quick ICE and—-. Should I be resetting something on the motherboard? Controller 850 LCD, P/N6600-098 Rev A.

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  1. Gerhard the SN3 message indicates a bad temp sensor and or a bad connection at the temp sensor. Seeing the —- Watchdog symbol after the ICE msg could be a number of things. Bad hi limit or temp sensor or bad connection at either, bad PWA and in some rare cases a bad topside control and or transformer. Also check the transformer harness connections to the PWA that they are not loose and they are making good contact. If all else fails contact our Sundance Spas Service Support Desk to book a Diagnostic and repair of your Sundance Marin Spa.

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