Temperature different in pool than at pump

my pool is 82 degrees and my heat pump for the pool reads 68 degrees why is there a big gap. I have an inground 72000 litre pool 30X36 I just had the circulating pump replaced on is there something I can do to remedy this?

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  1. Steve normally there will be a differential in temperature between what the actual temperature of the water is in the pool and the water in the pipe near the sensor at the heat pump.  The longer the distance between the equipment and the pool the more differential you will have in temperature.  First you will want to check your temperature reading device that you are reading the pool water temperature at the pool with.  Floating or hanging thermometers are not finely tuned instruments.  I would suggest a digital thermometer readout device with a probe on the end that you can hang down into the skimmer basket at the pool.  With an accurate digital thermometer probe placed in the skimmer basket this will give you an accurate reading of what the temperature is back at the equipment sensor.  Let the digital probe hang in the skimmer basket for several minutes.  If all else fails contact our Service Support Desk to book a diagnostic of your swimming pool.

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