SuperMax VS Pump Settings

What are your recommended speed/duration settings for Speeds 1, 2 and 3 of a SuperMax VS pump. I have an 18×36 pool with a chlorinator.

Also, do I need to re-program the pump each year or will it remember the settings while it’s powered off during the winter?


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  1. Darren it really is user preference. Some people leave their speed settings at factory default and some people have the RPM higher during the day and lower at night. Our recommendation is to set the time durations so the pump runs continuous 24hrs but some people stagger these durations and leave stationary durations for the pump. Below is an excerpt from the owners manual with respect to power outage:

    During a power outage, the drive will retain the clock
    setting in memory for as long as 24 hours. If the power
    is out longer than 24 hours the clock will have to be set
    again. If the drive has lost the user set time, the clock
    will continuously blink until the time is reset. Once the
    time is reset the clock will stop blinking.
    Note: When power is returned to the pump after
    a prolonged outage (24+ hours) the clock will
    automatically set itself to the Speed 1 start time, blink
    and advance. The pump will also run the associated
    schedule from that start time.

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