Sundance Maxxus No Control

I am having trouble with a 2008 Sundance Maxxus. It sat empty through the summer. After refilling and turning on the power, strange things happen. Sometimes the pumps will start running after a few seconds. Other times the pumps will “try” to start over and over again as if the power is being turned on and off quickly. Sometimes there is nothing on the topside control, sometimes there are random characters displayed. The buttons on the control have no effect. I tried turning it on with the ribbon cable for the top control unplugged with the same result. Is this most likely a problem with the main circuit board? It looks like the circuit board is a 6600-155. Do you have a link to purchase a new circuit board and/or any other parts you suggest may be causing the problem?

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  1. Tom it sounds like you may have a bad PWA. The part number has changed for that model/year Maxxus. We will send you a purchase link for the latest revision.

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