Sun-Smart Wifi Icloud Kit

I have a 2014 Sundance Marin that i have been struggling to get the Sun-Smart Wifi Icloud Kit to connect. It has not worked since the spa has been installed.

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  1. Greg if your kit is not operating there could be issues with hardware, the SunSmart app and or connection distance/interference.
    Some things to double check:
    -Is the SunSmart kit installed on your spa and your home network.
    -Is the SunSmart app downloaded to your device ie phone.
    -Has the spa been registered online.
    -Are you using an iPhone 4.3 O/S or higher or Android O/S 2.3 or higher.
    -Are there any broken, cut wires between the SunSmart wifi box, SunSmart bridge, your home router and the Spa’s PWA.
    If all of this checks out, cycle power to the spa. If still no luck Disconnect power to the wifi bridge for 5-10 seconds, then restore power. Close and then re-launch the SunSmart app.
    Check if anything has changed since the spa was installed if you could have any construction interfering with the reception between the SunSmart wifi box and the SunSmart bridge you will need to remove this interference or blockage/barrier.

    You could also check the trouble-lights on the SunSmart bridge:
    -If the PWR light is off, correctly connect power to the bridge.
    -If the WLAN light is off, Disconnect then re-connect power.
    -If the WAN light is off, Disconnect then re-connect power & verify that the SunSmart Ethernet cable is connected to the blue WAN connector on the SunSmart bridge & that the other side of the cable is connected to an available port on your home router.

    If all else fails contact our Sundance Service Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair of your Sundance Spa.

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