Stereo power issue. Where are the fuses? Suggestions?

Hello. I need some suggestions. Just completed a water exchange last week so i had the power breaker off. I put the breaker back on and the heater and pumps all work fine but the stereo has no power. I did not have the side panels off. The speakers (pop-up) don’t have a light on either. I suspect it might be a breaker/fuse issue within the tub but I can’t find where the fuse panel is. I did check the connections subsequently and everything looks ok at the back of the stereo. Any advice you have would be appreciated. The tub is a Sundance Cameo( 6 person with lounger) (Year 2008). Thanks.

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  1. Joel potentially you could have 2 fuses behind the stereo. One on a red wire and one on a yellow wire on the stereo harness behind the deck. They would be in a black protective jacket. You pop the jacket open and the fuses are spring loaded. If you have no lights on the speakers but the deck LCD is lit up you could have a bad IMR module or a bad deck. The IMR module looks like a small cigarette pkg with a silver label and has ribbon cables connected to it. If all else fails contact our Service Support Desk to book a diagnostic of your Sundance Spa.

  2. Replaced the two fuses as you suggested and all connections appear to be tight. Still no power to the deck or speakers. Anything else I can check on my end? From what I understand you don’t do any diagnostics at this time of year and even if I bring the panel in with the deck you can’t test it in the shop.

    I am concerned that this electrical problem could be a sign of things to come ie. pump or heater failure some time this winter??

    Any further advice?


  3. Joel if you removed the fuses and measured across the fuses for continuity and they were good the next thing you could try is to shut off power to the spa and seperate the 2 spade connectors that come from the stereo power supply and go to the 2 wires behind the deck. Power up the spa again and measure with a DC volt meter your voltage coming from the stereo power supply at the spade connectors. You should have 12-15VDC. If you don’t you have a bad stereo power supply. If you do you have a bad deck. Lifting the cover on your spa everyday in the winter and physically checking it for circulation and heat is the best way to keep tabs on everything running good. If you will have periods of not checking your spa this way in the winter it is worth considering winterizing it.

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