Starite Pool heater Max-E-Therm 200

Heater is at 82F & is turning on and off every min or so. when the power is turned off & on it looks like a code o88 then r3 it fires up runs for a few min then shuts off. lifting the control board off and looking under there is NO lights on for codes. this heater has had a new Tube sheet coil assembly & a Thermal Regulator Kit this year. Last year it got a Thermistor & Stack Flue Sensor.

3 thoughts on “Starite Pool heater Max-E-Therm 200”

  1. Hi Lloyd. It sounds like you could have a bad control board, bad membrane pad, bad thermistor and or bad HSI. Make sure you have proper water flow and gas supply before you throw anymore parts at it or alternatively contact our Service Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair of your Sta-Rite Maxetherm heater.

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