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I have a Sundance 880 with the JBL deck. The deck is dead and half the lights on the tub don’t work. Everything else is fine. Any suggestions??

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  1. Charles the deck has a main fuse. I would check this first. The fuse is located behind the deck on the power feed wires.
    The light ribbon cables are plugged into a central DCU box. This is a blue box typically located on either the inside left front skirt panel or inside right front skirt panel. Typically if some lights on the spa work and some don’t it would mean that the light itself is bad. If the footwell light or the grab bar light is working first locate one of those by unplugging the ribbon cables plugged into the DCU box til you find it. Label this ribbon cable for reference later. Then plug in each other ribbon cable one at a time to the outlet that was working ie the footwell light or grab bar light. Once you have the light plugged in observe the light to see if it is cycling through all colors. If it is not cycling all colors or it is flickering unplug it immediately. This means it is a bad light. A bad light can take out a port on a DCU. Label and set aside each light that is not cycling all colors or is working properly. Replace the bad lights.

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