Spa and Hot Tub In Distress Service

If your Sundance Spa is not circulating or heating in below zero temperatures, it is in distress.

As a temporary measure please attempt to prevent freezing by installing a space heater into the equipment bay of your hot tub. You may then contact the service department during normal business hours.

The cost of hot tub in distress service is $599.00 + taxes.  This rate applies even if the spa is still covered under manufacturer’s warranty.

The $599.00 includes the diagnostic for the immediate problem causing the lack of heat and / or circulation. It also includes the labour required to stabilize the spa (either the repair or a winterization if this is what must be done).

It does NOT include any parts that will be charged over and above the fee plus applicable taxes

Alternatively, you can reach out for do it yourself advice at  Answer the questions from the support page as they pop up and the first on call technician available will contact you.



Here is a video  with some tips on how to stabilize a spa that is not circulating or heating:

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