Significance and solution to a ‘FLO2’ error message?

I just changed my filter this weekend and upon restart I received a ‘FLO’ message. I turned off the tub again and reseated the filter; but this time I got a ‘FLO2’ message. A message for which the manual says ‘get a service techician’! Is there anything I can do, before calling out a technician?


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  1. Rob if you have the FLO2 message and no water movement in the spa you can check to see if there is any hair, lint or debris wrapped around the Flow switch paddle. You also could check to see if you have voltage at the circulation pump connection points on the PWA. If you have voltage at this connection and no water movement you could have a plugged or bad circulation pump. If you have no voltage here and your Flow switch is not restricted you could have a poor connection to the Flow switch or a bad Flow switch. Sometimes resetting your GFCI breaker will make the FLO2 message go away for a period of time but if you have a bad Flow switch it usually returns again. If you have the FLO2 message and water movement contact our Service Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair of your Sundance Spa.

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