Service Light On – Thermostat Issue?

This is our 4th summer with our pool – we have a max-e-therm 200 heater and the Service Light has come on. The heater does reach the desired temperature, but once it does, the heater keeps cycling on and off. We think it may be a faulty thermostat as there was a bit of corrosion on it. We would like to change the thermostat to see if this fixes the problem. Does this sound like a reasonable solution? Is there anything else we can try? Or is the only option a service call?
Much appreciated, Karen



1 thought on “Service Light On – Thermostat Issue?”

  1. Aqua-tech Support

    Karen it sounds like you are speaking of the spring load thermal regulator inside the water manifold. This kit throttles water flow to maintain the Heat Exchanger Outlet temperature above 120F. There is also another switch installed in the manifold ‘Thermistor’. This switch monitors the inlet water temperature.

    The benefit of a service call is that there are tools we apply to test different levels of tolerance to switches on the appliance to diagnose intermittent scenarios. Heaters are tricky to troubleshoot. If all else fails contact our Service Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair of your Maxetherm heater.

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