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I bought a new sand filter pump, put new sand in. intake and discharge on pump and filter are 1 1/4″ lines. intake and discharge on pool is 1 1/2″ so I reduced it down to 1 1/4″. started up the pump and the pressure gauge goes to 8psi immediately. what do I do to get pressure down?

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      1. Chris it is not uncommon for any number of manufacturers filters to run at this psi reading. It all depends on the TDH of your setup. Check that the flow from your return jet seems normal. Consult your owners manual to be sure your filter can run at that level.

  1. the pressure is exceeding the red line on the gauge. the manual is telling me that at this pressure the backwash should be performed.

    1. Chris if the manual suggests a backwash you should perform a backwash. Also check the integrity of the psi gauge. Some systems will run hi past the red line depending on your TDH.

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