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I have a salt generator that you guys installed, the current level of salt is 3300 ppm and the generator isnt coming on to produce chlorine.
I have tried upping the cell power and percentage and it still isnt producing chlorine
I am wondering if i need to reset it or reprogram it
the pool itself is clean clear and all other levels are within range, minus the cya which i have added stabilizer to correct the problem but am still waiting for it to dissolve completely
is there something i need to do to the pool or the generator? it is a pool pilot nano digi 220
and the cell says rc- 5 on the side
the person who opened the pool said the cell was fine

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  1. it is set at 100, like i mentioned the cya was low but i added enough to raise it
    how long does it take to fully dissolve? and could that be why its not working?

    1. Aqua-tech Support

      Darren, just to confirm then:

      1. Your unit is set to 100% and the indicator does say ‘ON’ in the LED display?
      2. CYA is certainly something that if low impeded the ability of water to hold a chlorine residual ( it sometimes takes a few days for Stabilizer to become active)/
      3. Have you put raw form chlorine into the pool? If so does that allow a residual of chlorine to hold?
      4. What is the current chlorine reading

  2. The unit says 100 and i have tried both cell power two and three
    I put in 4 l of liquid chlorine last night and appears it hasnt done anything
    Tc is 3ish
    And fc is zero
    And the cya was tested yesterday at 8 and i added stabilizer yesterday

    1. Aqua-tech Support

      Darren, thanks for the reply. I understand that the unit is set at 100%. More specifically on the LED display we were asking if the unit is displaying ‘on’ or ‘off’. in most cases the display will identify this. This would be helpful to know.

      From the information you have provided so far, further testing of your water is advised. In most cases as you are describing the salt generator is producing chlorine but your water is not able to be satisfied with the amount it can produce at its maximum production. We would advise you to continue to use raw form chlorine in your pool until you can come to the lab for further analysis. Please note because liquid chlorine is very weak it will rarely give you a chlorine residual if your water is having a large demand. The testing that you require is a longer period test. Advise the lab of this history. We will also forward this to them for when you bring in the new sample. Although it is possible that the generator may still be implied with this scenario, the further water testing is the first area to complete checking first.

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