Salt cell problems

My pool is a salt water pool. The salt water system is not producing chlorine because the unit says the pool has a low salt level and the low salt light is on. I checked the salt several times at the pool store and it reads 3000 ppm. The inspect cell light is also lit up. I removed the salt cell and cleaned it but nothing has changed. The system is called aqua-rite by Hayward. Please help? Dan

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  1. Dan, If the unit is reading that you have a low salt level and you are certain your actual salt level is at the minimum manufacturer required level a communication break is certain. This could either be in a sensor,circuit board or other electronic interference. This would require onsite testing of components with a tester. WIth muliple errors ( ie: the inspect light reading), it is probable that the unit has more than 1 problem. Many of the Hayward units Cell and boards expire at similar times. Do you have a sense of how many seasons the unit has operated?

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