My salt cell is blinking inspect cell

The salt level is good, water temperature is 77, cleaned the cell last night for 30 mins doesn’t seem dirty. It’s our fourth year with this pool and equipment

3 thoughts on “My salt cell is blinking inspect cell”

  1. Shelley please press the More button on the salt cell for 3 seconds and then let go. Let me know which green light turns on please. One of the % buttons will either start blinking rapidly or will light up and stay solid ie 20% 40% 60% etc. After this the cell will go back to normal operation and your check cell light will likely come back on.

      1. Shelley we find the salt cell lasts somewhere between 2.5 to 3 years. Once you get past 3 years the cell is on the back end of its life and not producing at peak caliber and typically the check cell light will come on more often. Recommendation would be to replace. This is mostly a stock item for us. If you would like a link to price and availability let me know which series you have ie ic20 or ic40.

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