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I stopped my pump to clean out my sand filter (and I expect is lost prime). I have now put the filter back together and restarted the pump but it has not yet been able to draw water. I have automation and it is ‘on’ – so it tries from time to time – but does not succeed in building enough pressure to get the water flowing again. Is there something I need to do to ‘reprime’ or reinitiate the pump? I tried putting water down the basket filter before the pump but it seems to just drain away.

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  1. Mike you are doing all the correct things here. Put your automation into service mode. Your pump should automatically shut off at this time. Once it does shut off go down to your pool skimmer and put something heavy on the weir door flap in the skimmer so it keeps the weir door in a horizontal position flat on the skimmer throat. Next remove the skimmer basket in the skimmer at the pool. Next have someone hold your garden hose with the nozzle on it and turned on pushing water down into the smaller open hole in the bottom of the skimmer. While they are holding the hose there you can go back to your pump open the lid and fill the pump housing with a bucket of water til it is overflowing out of the pump. Make sure you have the suction ball valve in front of the pump in the closed position ie the blue handle crossing the pipe not inline with the pipe. Then put your pump lid back on making sure the lid o-ring is in place. Open the blue handle valve about half and then press the F button on your automation load box at the equipment pad to turn on the pump. Watch closely through the lid of the pump for water draw. Once you have good draw pulling into the pump you can open the valve the rest of the way and ask the person to pull the hose out of the skimmer and put the skimmer basket back in and remove your weight from the weir door. If you don’t get draw immediately try another bucket of water. Keep in mind as the pump is drawing water it could be pulling on the garden hose so ask the person at the skimmer to have a good grip on the hose to prevent it from pulling through the piping. Once your skimmer basket is in place and the pump has full prime you can switch your automation from service mode to time out and back to automation mode again at the load box at the equipment pad with the mode button. The pump should turn back on after a short delay and the pool will operate on its regular input automation schedule after that. If all else fails contact our Service Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair of your Aqua-Tech Pool.

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