i got a whole bunch of chemicals and salts to put in my pool, should i put them in knowing that is is supposed to rain? or wait until the forecast calls for a clear day? does rain water affect the pools balance that much?

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  1. Hi Terrance:

    This is an excellent question!

    There is no downside to adding pool products when the weather is not clear. The only challenge is that it is no fun for you to be working outside in the rain.

    It is important after any significant event (for example pool parties or accumulations of rain) to test your sanitizer level and adjust it as needed.

    Additionally, many folks find it helpful after these moments to add an event based clarifier (like an Angry Egg http://store.aqua-tech.ca/products/an…) to remove any accumulations that these events can add to the pool water.

    Happy Swimming!

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