My pool pump seems to be working fine but is not sucking strong enough through the vacuum hose to clean the debris off the bottom of the pool and I am worried things are not circulating correctly as the debris builds up. I have checked the hose to make sure it is unclogged and felt around inside the skimmer and pump baskets and everything feels clear. Is this just a start up issue with the pump that may have gone wrong or is it just starting to fail?

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  1. It’s a cartridge filter. The pump basked isn’t filling fully but water is still pumping in. Water level in the pool is okay but jets do not seem to be shooting out as strong and suction almost cuts off completely when the vacuum is attached under the skimmer basket. I don’t currently have the heater on but this hasn’t effected the pump efficiency in the past.

    1. Hi Kyle. Try removing your cartridge filters briefly ie 15min and running the pool without the filters. Sounds like a filter problem. If all else fails contact our Service Support Desk to book a suction vacuum diagnostic. We are in your neighborhood every day.

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