Prowler 820

The prowler cable that connects to the prowler power supply ours only has 3 Silver metal prongs but the power supple has 4 holes.
Is it suppose to have 4 Silver metal prongs??
We just had our pool installed so never noticed last year as Aquatech crew assembled it
It was missing a wheel so we were concerned we were given an open box faulty prowler but were told a wheel was probably just taken out of box

So obviously now noticing the 3 prongs were concerned we may have got a faulty Prowler.

Model is Prowler 820 Lreepy Krauly

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  1. Hi Sherry. This is normal and how they all look with respect to the plug. They are kinda like your iphone or cell phone cord. You can only put them in one way. Were here to help so if you have any other concerns don’t be afraid to reach out.

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