Portable heater inside equipment area

Can you put a heater inside the equipment area of your hot tub incase you loose power in the winter, and if so what type would you recommend?

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  1. John you could put a space heater inside the equipment bay area if you lose power or even if the spa heater or circulation system malfunctions and stops heating/circulating. Keep it in an area where it will not make direct touch contact with piping or pumps, heaters, electrical etc. Leave the space heater on a low setting and close up the equipment compartment until you can take remedial action ie service or winterization of the spa. Check the space heater frequently and the equipment compartment for any pipes that may be freezing if you are leaving the heater in for a prolonged time. Depending on the outside temperature and windchill factor you would not want to leave the spa not heating/circulating to long without remedial action. On most spas built for winter operation the water in the shell of the spa can stay warm for days even in sub zero temperatures but the piping and equipment in the equipment bay area can freeze in minutes/hours under the right condtions. If the spa is exposed to direct wind it would help to drape an insulated blanket over the whole spa to block some of the wind factor. Your local Canadian Tire, Home Depot & Rona carry space heaters.

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