Pool pump hums and shuts off

My Sta-Rite Max E Pro pump hums on start up and then just shuts off. The pump is no more than 2 years old, what is the problem what is involved in having it repaired?

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  1. Stuart, has the pump already been circulating water this year and just started to do this? Or is something that has occured while you were attempting to open the pool?

  2. Stuart, Often when opening a pool, a tech will find that the the motor shaft has become seized over the close down period. Attempting the loosen the shaft would be the first step in this part of the pool opening. After disconnecting the power to the pump, the motor shaft can be accessed by either the impellor in the front ( via removal of the wet end ) or accessed through the rear shaft nut at the back of the electric motor ( via removing the rear motor cover plate). Turn the shaft from either area to looosen the shaft from any off season corrosion that may have developed. Many times this proves succesful. If it is not the motor shaft that is causing the motor from turning freely then the electric motor is the next place to look.

  3. Johnny if the pump is running overly hot to the touch during that 15min you have a problem in the motor and it will need to either be rebuilt or replaced. If the pump just doesn’t start up again after you cut power to it then you could have a bad start capacitor. Depending on the age of the pump there could be another underlying issue with the motor if it keeps blowing start capacitors. If all else fails contact your local Pool/Spa Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair of your pump.

  4. We have a Jacuzzi pool pump. We drained the spa part of the pool halfway down during hurricane Irma to catch excess water (prevent flooding on the patio) and had the pool pump off for about 7 days while we cleaned all the debris out of the pool to prevent excess leaves, etc… from getting into the system. After said 7 days and refilling the pool I turned on the pump and it hummed for about 10 seconds than shut off. It does that every time. Any ideas?

    1. Anne-marie if the pump does not trip the breaker the impellor could be locked up. Try loosening it and than applying power again. You could also have a bad start capacitor. Depending how old the pump is and how much use it gets you may want to upgrade to a new pump. If you would like a purchase link to energy efficient variable speed pumps let us know and we can send you one.

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