Pool liner

My pool liner has slipped off the track. How do I get it back on the track without ripping the liner? What tools should I use?

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  1. Darcy, handling vinyl that has come out of the track requires precision in order that the liner does not become further damaged. The procedure will depend on various conditions such as : type of pool ( inground or above ground), type and style of attachment coping, age and condition of vinyl to name a few. It would be best to view some pictures of the area with a few different views so that we will be able to advise you better. Please e-mail the photo’s to service@aqua-tech.ca

  2. Darcy, thanks for sending the photo’s. You could potentially pour some hot water over the vinyl prior to lifting the vinyl with your fingers and pulling up and backwards into the coping groove. The water will soften the vinyl and make it easier to pull upward. We would not recommend using any tools for this. Strong fingers are the best tool for this. A very dull flat instrument would make this easier but the risk exposure to hurting the vinyl increases for someone who is inexperienced with vinyl. If you would like this performed by our service deptarment please feel free to contact our serivce base at 204-233-8822

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