Pool jets not working

Jets are not working in my pool. Checked all the baskets, reinitialized the pump, also no pressure to the filtration system, needle just sits at 0.

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  1. Dan, is what your are saying: You have primed your pool pump ( filled it with water)

    Turned the pump on and the pump does not prime? ie: zero water is flowing through your pump?

  2. Dan, although it could be other things the first thing to check with this symptom would be the state of the impellor. If an impellor has debris in it what you are experiencing is exactly what happens. To inspect and clean the impellor you would need to remove the strainer basket volute from the back bracket to expose the impellor. Try this as it is part of the standard troubleshooting approach.

  3. Dan, you will have exposed enough of the impellor if you can grab it around the whole 360 degrees and spin it freely. You need to inspect inside of the fins as well as outside of it. You can also e-mail the photo to service@aqua-tech.ca attn: Get Answers

  4. Impellor rotates, but its incased in hard plastic, not sure how to expose the fins. I got it going briefly, the jets were bubbling, the pressure indicator rose, but as soon as the heater engaged, the pressure dropped back down to 0 and back to square one.

  5. Dan, if you do not have it exposed 360 degree’s around you are not there yet, it sounds like the difusser ( hard plastic ) still needs to be removed to expose the area

  6. I’m admitting defeat. I cannot figure out how to expose the impellor. I’m going to need a service call

    1. Dave first step would be to press the test button on your GFCI breaker receptacle. When the lever on the breaker trips completely press the lever down. Then push the lever up to reset the GFCI. If your control panel is still blank open your Sentry control box and use your multimeter to check for 240vac +/- 10% at test points TB1. If you have 240vac +/- 10%. Push the lever on your GFCI off again. Remove your 30amp fuse and use your multimeter to do an ohms test on the fuse. If the fuse is bad replace it. If the fuse is good re-insert it and turn the power back onto the spa again. With your Multimeter check for power at your transformer secondary harness. You should have 8-10 vac here. If power exists try a new control panel, if still nothing then you may have a bad PWA. If no power exists at transformer secondary check voltage at your primary. You should have 240 vac here. If you have voltage at primary but not secondary you could have a bad transformer. No power at the primary may indicate either a bad 1.25 amp fuse on your PWA or a bad main 30amp buss fuse. Check your transformer connections to your primary and secondary are making good contact. If all else fails contact your local Sundance Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair of your Sundance Maxxus Spa.

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