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I have just taken possession of a home with an inground salt water pool installed in 2008. We turned the electric heater on to 84 on Saturday and it heard up but by Monday it was much warmer than 84. I went to adjust it and it was showing as 77, but then when I went to use the arrow keys, it showed 84 was what it was set at. I turned it down however it appears that it is also running all the time. The pool pilot on the wall indicate 92 and then when we used our digital instant read thermometer it shows 90. We then turned it off to standby.
Are there any trouble shooting things we can attempt before having a diagnostic? Should we have done anything else when turning on the heater? We did not touch anything on the pool pilot machine.

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  1. It would seem that a thermistor and or a control board may not be working properly. Check that your connections at the thermistor and the control board are good and no wires are broken or cut. If all else fails contact your local Service Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair of your pool heater.

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