Pool Heater Won’t Ignite

My name is Greg Sutton, 213 Eveline St, Selkirk, MB PH 204 482 4348 email gesutton@shaw.ca

Pool Heater will not ignite. Teledyne Laars Model LLD175N-C

The electronic ignition “coil” does not glow when the heater tries to start. Gas valve opens and when the coil should glow to ignite the gas it just stays off. I have replaced this ignitor in the past. I’m wondering if there is possibly something else that may cause this. It was working fine a few days ago then just quit. I can replace the ignitor myself if you think that is the problem. I spoke to your Parts Department and they can order the ignitor. Part number R0317200.

Thanks for any info you may provide.


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  1. Greg if you have proper voltage at your black/yellow wire of the ign cntrl mod you would want to do a resitance test on your ignitor when it is cool to the touch. If the ignitor checks out you may have a bad ign cntrl mod. If not you may have a bad ignitor. If you don’t have proper voltage at your black/yellow wire of the ign cntrl mod check that your temp board is calling for heat. Do a resistance test on your thermistor. If it’s within proper range you could have a bad Temp board. If not you could have a bad thermistor. If all else fails contact our Service Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair of your Teledyne Laars pool heater.

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