Pool Heater not heating as quick as previous years

Pool Heater not heating as quick as previous years

4 thoughts on “Pool Heater not heating as quick as previous years”

  1. Hi Irene. A few questions for you. What do you have the temperature set for and what is the current pool water temperature?
    Is the heat light on? Are there any error messages on the heat pump keypad?

  2. I have the temperature set for 89 degrees and it is showing 70 degrees.
    it got as high at 77 last week, but that has been 3 weeks since we turned it on.
    in past years I remember it would take at max 3 days to get to 89 from 0. that’s where we like it at.
    the light is on, there is no error message on the heat pump keypad
    maybe I have the wrong setting on? please help

    1. Sometimes the heat pumps won’t heat up as fast as we would like if the ambient air temperature is cold. They work best when with a combined 110 degrees ambient air and water ie 80 water, 80 humidity, 80 air. If it doesn’t have those parameters it will be slow to heat. The coil around the heat pump can sometimes also slow the heat process if it is plugged with dust and debris. The coil can be cleaned with normal garden hose pressure water. If you use this method to clean the coil be sure to do it with the power to the heat pump off and dry the area inside the heat pump after cleaning the coil before powering it up again.

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