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Last night I checked our pool heater and it was working fine and turned it up from 77 to 82. I looked this morning and noticed the service system light is on and it wont work now and the pool has cooled down. Is this typically just the filter needs to be cleaned. If so, do I just turn all the power before doing that or do I just need to shut the pump off. What about the gas?

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  1. Hi Todd. If your checking the filters simply turn off the pump, release the air from the tank with the top air bleed and then take out the filters. Sometimes the heaters are wired in sequence with the pump switch so power to the heater may go off when you shut off the pump. If it doesn’t you may have to kill the power to the heater to reset the keypad. Typically with a Service system light you can just press the off button and that will reset it and typically with a Heater service light you have to power cycle the heater. Service system is typically flow related ie filters, low water level, plugged baskets etc.

    1. It is optional Todd. If all the air is released from the tank the water typically stays and just below mid tank so you don’t lose anything. Usually I open the air release and go make a coffee and come back in bout 15min. That’s typically enough time.

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