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Pool installed last spring 2018. Aqua Tech cleaned water with their filters.

Our brand new filters then installed. Initial PSI reading was 15.

Cleaned filters two days ago. Reinstalled, no leaks. Start up reading for PSI was 19. Checked today and OSI at 25.

We realize all PSI readings can’t be the same depending on pool make and size.

Is 25 PSI relevant? Is it a safe reading? What is the safe range of PSI until we have to shut down, change or call for service?

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  1. Dave the reading of 25 could be ok. If the flow back through the return jets at the pool still feels strong and your heat pump is working ok and the pool is not cloudy then you would be ok to be reading 25. If the flow is diminished at the pool jets then the filter pleats are likely starting to build up a greasy film that will need to be cleaned off. Sometimes the film can be rinsed off. Sometimes the filters will need to be deep cleansed in a solution to remove the film. You will know if a deep cleanse is in order if you rinse the filters and the pressure goes back up again in a short period of time.

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