Optima 880 dead

Spa appears dead—no display, no control of jets or blowers or temps.The only function that worked was turn the lights on/off. Checked all power supply voltages—everything looks OK. All fuses good (checked out of circuit). Re-seated all connectors, tightened pins. No luck. Turned off main breaker for the night. Came back the next morning and the display had the icon for the heater and the ozonator—but no other display—or control. The circulating pump was running and the ozonator was making bubbles.

Wiggled all connectors–no luck. Came back an hour later and spa and display were totally dead—no ozonator, no heater, no display.

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  1. George check your voltage between your transformer secondary yellow to yellow wires and your blue to yellow wires. You should have 12-15 vac and 8-10 vac. If you don’t you may have a bad transformer. If these readings check out and all your connections are good you may have a bad control panel and or a bad PWA. Try a new control panel first. If all else fails contact your local Sundance Spas Supoort Desk to book a diagnostic and repair of your Sundance Optima Spa.

  2. Peter Donahue

    Sundance Majesta 2008 is dead. No indicators at control panel. Opened up control panel and Ozone Generator air line broken. Power to control panel. Will the broken air line to ozone generator line cause the spa to not operate?

    1. Peter although the broken ozone is not good it likely is not the source of the spa not circulating. First check for 240vac +/- 10% at TB1 with your multimeter. If you have 240 there check for the watchdog symbol on the topside control (—-). If you don’t have 240 check your incoming power supply or have a licensed electrician have a look. If you have watchdog check for voltage at your transformer secondary 8-10vac blue to blue, 12-14vac yellow to yellow. If power exists on the secondary check your 4amp fuses below transformer for continuity. If all this checks out you could have a bad topside control. If still nothing after replacing the panel you likely have a bad PWA. If you have no power at the secondary check for power at the primary black and red. You should have 240vac here. If voltage exists on the primary but is missing on the secondary you may have a bad transformer. No power at the primary indicates either an open 1.25 amp or 30 amp fuse or a loose or disconnected wire. If all else fails contact your local Sundance Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair of your Sundance Majesta Spa.

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