Need help and service depart wasn’t there to help

I have a sun dance spa, getting two codes coming up one is fl2 the other is blb . Went onloine to find manual and not sure what to do with the fl2 code and don’t know we’re the uv light is to even change . Called the store and was directed here,not very personal here and hope the support is better then the service department, call 204 444 5322.

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  1. Dave if you have no water movement in the spa and an FL2 message check to see if you have hair or debris caught around the paddle of the Flow switch. The Flow switch is the clear T fitting with 3 tubes and a wire attached to it behind the front right skirt panel. No water movement and no debris around Flow switch? Check for voltage at the circ pump test points on the PWA. If you have voltage here and a FL2 message you could have a plugged or bad circ pump. If you have no voltage at the circ pump test points on the PWA and an FL2 message you may have a bad Flow switch or a poor or dirty connection to the switch or PWA. Most times you see an FL2 message with no water movement you will have a bad Flow switch. Sometimes switching your GFCI breaker off for 15 minutes and then turning back on will correct the FL2 error message but the condition can return if its a bad Flow switch. If you have water movement and an FL2 message contact our Service Support Desk for a diagnostic and repair of your Sundance Spa.

    The blb message means the countdown timer for your ClearRay uv sanitizer has reached its countdown of 365 days and it is time to replace your ClearRay uv lamp. This lamp is conveniently located inside the black box that has the red and green light on it usually behind the front center skirt panel depending on the model of Sundance Spa you purchased. It is easiest to change this lamp with the spa empty but our Service Technicians are trained to do it empty or full. There are detailed instructions in your Sundance Spa owners manual on how to change the lamp. Be sure to reset your countdown timer after replacing the ClearRay lamp. If all else fails contact our Service Support Desk to book a replacement of your ClearRay


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