Low Amps on Salt System

If you have a Dig-36 or Mineral Springs Digital Saltwater Chlorinator, one of the most common errors is a ‘Low Amps’ message.

This is typically a sign that the cell and cell cable have or are close to expiring.

Here are the steps to check the salt cell functionality:

Phase 1:  CHEMICALLY clean the cell – pay special attention to the inside when it is cleaned.  Inspect the blades and make sure they are all the same length and colour.

Phase 2:  Check the power level the unit is set to (it should be power level 3 for this testing).

–  press menu; scroll up to installer menu; press and hold select (for more than a minute or so until you are allowed into the menu); scroll to cell power; press select;  scroll so that the cell power is at 3; press select;  exit the menu


Phase 3:  Check the amps.

  1. Turn your unit to 100%.
  2. Wait for 30 minutes.
  3. Press the menu button.
  4. Scroll to the test pool pilot menu.
  5. Press select.
  6. Allow the testing to scroll through.  Pay special attention to the AMPS reading.  The higher the number, the better.
  7. The amps should be higher than 4.  If the amps are reading lower than 4,  replace the cell and cell cable.  (or have the service department do a full diagnostic  – simply follow the link below).

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