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Hi! I have had an error message “low amps – check cell” with my digital pool pilot by lectronator…sc36…for a few weeks. It was installed in june 2012. As it was still chlorinating the pool, and occasionally not sending an error message, I decided to just run the chlorinator high capacity and monitor it. It stopped chlorinating and the error message now is always on. I checked the manual…and checked and cleaned the cell. Checked and cleaned cable connections…I balanced the pool and brought down alkalinity with muriatic acid..and added some shock to get the chlorine level out…add stain prevent to remove minerals..rinsed the filters. And topped up the salt…now at 3000ppm. The next thing I did was run the pool pilot test…and checked the amps (27-28 amps) and volts (2.4). The manual said if the amps and volts were low then to check the fuses. Two of the fuses appear to be good…the main ac power and the panel board fuses are clear and I could see their filaments were intact…Fuse 3 the cell fuse is opaque. My next move is to remove it and go to see you about a replacement. Is there anything else I can try? I tried to reverse the flow …didn’t work. Please advise.

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  1. Marco, before you replace the fuse remove it and test across the fuse with a multi meter set to ohms for continuity.  This will let you know if it is still a good fuse.

    A good functioning cell would give a reading of approx. 8amps when set to cell power 3 when you initiate the test pool pilot mode.

    If you have cleaned the cell with the recommended cell cleaner and checked your cell cable and tri-sensor cable that they are clean and making good contact you likely have a bad cell, cell or tri-sensor cable.  Check your cables for any breaks in the insulation or imperfections (wear and tear).  A bad power board can also give the low amps/cell msg.

    In some cases the cell may appear to be clean but will still indicate a scaled or failed cell.  This may be caused by build up of body oils on the cell blades which cannot be removed with normal muriatic acid and water mixture.

    If all else fails contact our Service Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair of your swimming pool salt system.

  2. Fred Candelora

    My autopilot was reading low amp-cell. Bought a new control board and cell generator and cord replaced all three.Still reading low amps-cell.salt 3900/temp73/6amp/20volt. What’s my next step to resolve this problem.

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