I have a 2009 Sundance certa that I got with a house, works great except for the lights none of the leds work. The transformer is putting out 13 volts and the dcu lights up. I have unplugged all the lights and tried one by one in different ports with no change. I am thinking it’s either the DCU or top side controls? Any way to test to narrow it down? Thank you

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  1. Hi Mark. It is pretty rare for all the ports on the DCU to be burnt out. That being said it could happen. It is even more rare for all the LED’s to be burnt out. The footwell light is typically the most reliable light in the spa. If you unplug all the lights and locate your footwell light, plug that one into every port individually to see if it works. If it doesn’t work in any port with all the other LED’s unplugged you may have a bad DCU box. I’ve attached a purchase link for a replacement. It is in stock and would ship today:

  2. Not all ports are used on the dcu. Even plugging the foot well light into the unused ports with all other lights unplugged doesn’t work. Close inspection of the dcu doesn’t reveal any problems. Any way to test for top side control problems? Just seems as if I get no reaction out of pressing the buttons. Thanks again

    1. Hi Mark. Remove the topside keypad connector from the DCU and try jumping out pins 1 + 2 & pins 1 + 3. If any LED’s come on, the DCU or some ports of the DCU should still be functional and you could have a bad topside keypad. If no LED’s come on you could have a bad topside keypad and or bad connection from the topside to the DCU.

  3. Thank you for the great advice, jumped the pins and the lights came to life. Found one malfunctioning led ring, so I unplugged it to protect the dcu. Looks like new top side controls are in my future. Thank you again

  4. I have a 2012 Sundance Certa Spa. All the LED lights aren’t working. I’ve done a little research and it says it could be a fuse. How do I get into the circuit board that has the blue plastic cover where the fuse is located?

    1. Hi Sheri. The blue DCU is a sealed unit. Check that you have proper voltage coming to it. If you do that’s a good sign. It’s very rare to have a bad footwell light. If you can locate which ribbon cable belongs to the footwell light unplug all the other lights and plug the footwell light into each port on the DCU one by one. If the footwell light does not light up in any of the ports it’s most likely you have a bad DCU. It’s also pretty rare to not have a single good port but it does happen from time to time. If you don’t have proper voltage going to the DCU the problem will lie between the board and the transformer.

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