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We have had our pool for 4-5 years now. After around year 2 or 3, we had an issue with the power supply unit of the robotic cleaner and ended up having to buy a new part. We just had our pool opened this morning and I put the unit in the pool to clean it. I can see the blue lights on so there is power but the cleaner is not moving at all in the pool. I took it out and cleaned the filters and put it back in the water and it still not moving. Can you advise what may be the issue to resolve as we would like to get the pool cleaned. Take care.

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  1. Hi Todd. If the power supply lite is on you could have a bad drive motor and or a bad cable. Also check that the impellor on top of the unit is not obstructed and the cable has a solid connection at the power supply.

  2. I checked the top and ensured nothing was obstructed and the power supply is connected. How can I tell if its a bad drive motor, etc. It worked fine before I put it away for the winter so not sure how it would be broken. Is the unit under warranty?

    1. Hi Todd. The drive motor carry’s a 1 yr warranty from the original purchase date. If you drop it off at our store and leave it with us for a few days we can determine what part/parts are not up to snuff.

  3. Thanks. What time are you open until today? If I dropped it off today, would someone be able to look at it by tomorrow. The reason is I have to come in tomorrow anyways to drop off a water sample. Would there be a cost for you to look at the machine. I just want to watch that we dont start running up costs too much : ). Thanks.

    1. If you drop it off today in the next hour or so someone could have a look at it in the am. If you want to go ahead with a repair it may be ready by end of day tomorrow if the part is in stock. Worst case Monday if the part is in stock. Shopwork rate is $99/hr plus parts plus taxes. A new Prowler is $1525.00

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