How to Drain and Refill your Spa

It is recommended to drain and refill your hot tub approximately every 6 to 8 weeks.

This will ensure to save you time and money by lowering your chemical cost and maintenance required.

Please follow the steps below to drain and refill your hot tub. Remember all hot tubs are different and this is just a guideline, for specific information please read your owner’s manual.

1. Remove filter and chemically clean with Dazzle Filter Cleanse or SpaGuard Filter Brite.
2. In existing hot tub water apply either 1 bottle of Dazzle Drain Prep or 1/2 bottle of Swirl Away (follow package directions)
3. Turn Off circuit breaker to hot tub.
4. Remove hard cover for hot tub and start draining water. This can be done by hooking your garden hose up to bottom drain spout or by pumping water out with a submersible pump.
5. Soak up remaining water with Shop Vac.
6. Clean Hot Tub acrylic with Dazzle Tub Cleanse or Swirl Away 2 (follow package directions)
7. Using the garden hose refill hot tub through suction fitting. (Where you filter usually sits.) This will help prevent air locks in your system.
8. Put hard cover back onto spa. Use Dazzle Cover Cleanse or Swirl Away 2 to cleanse and protect your cover.
9. When your spa is half full, reinstall filter.
10. When spa is filled to normal operating level remove hose.
11. Turn on circuit breaker to spa.
12. Ensure the hot tub Is showing proper operation at start up and bring a 500 ml  sample to Aqua-Tech for your fresh fill analysis.
If the above instructions seem to be a little bit too much work for you please contact our service department to set up a service call at 204-233-8822 or

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