How to Clean your Salt Cell

It is important to inspect and clean your salt cell regularly. Ensure you are chemically cleaning it as required to extend the life of the cell.


  1. Remove the cell by loosening the unions to release.
  2. Flush the cell using a garden hose and spray nozzle attachment to remove and loose or excessive debris
  3. Pour the cleaning solution into a clean, empty ‘polyethylene’ vessel or use a #10 expandable plug to cap one end of the cell. Place the cell vertically with the plug side down in a plastic container. Pour the cell cleaner directly into the cell.
  4. Immerse the cells into the solution, ensuring there is adequate product to completely cover the entire blade surface.
  5. Foaming will be very evident as the solution works to remove the debris from the blade surface. This is natural and will subside after a few minutes.
  6. Soak the cell for 20 minutes (or as required on the back package directions of your chosen cell cleaner).
  7. Remove the cell from the solution and rinse with fresh water and inspect for cleanliness.



  1. Heavily scaled cells may require a second application with fresh cleaning solution.
  2. DO NOT try to remove any deposits from the cell with tools. This may scratch or damage the coating on the blades and will VOID the WARRANTY.
  3. Don’t forget to maintain ideal saline chemistry with monthly water samples at the Aqua-Tech water lab and regularly scheduled applications of Mineral Springs Renewal or the Pristiva Salt Pool Care System – protect your system and keep the water looking clear and feeling soft .
  4. Clean the caretaker screen regularly—this is a common cause of a check flow reading. On the cell bypass assembly, look for the sticker that says “Clean Union Screen Regularly”.

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