How to care for your hot tub and spa in Canadian Winter

Caring for your how tub in a Canadian Winter can have some challenges but it truly is the BEST time to enjoy a soak.

Stars in the sky, cool winter breezes and the therapeutic water washing away the aches and pains after shoveling snow or a round of hockey – there’s nothing better!

Here is a video for some tips and tricks for a winter of worry-free hot tub care:



• Test bromine/chlorine levels, if low (less than 3 ppm) add 2 teaspoons of SOFT SOAK Brominating Granules/Chlorinating Granules per 1500 liters of water, wait 15 minutes, then use the spa.
· PRO TIP: After a spa party, add SOFT SOAK Granules as well, this will remove any organics and prevent the sanitizer from dropping below 3-5 ppm.

• Test bromine/chlorine levels and adjust tablet dose.
• Add 1 packet of TRIO Weekly Softener & Clarifier (#2 pouch) with the pump running and the cover off for at least 15 minutes!
• Test and adjust Total Alkalinity and pH if needed.
· PRO TIP: don’t have time for this step? Bring in a sample to Aqua-Tech for a professional water analysis and we’ll do the work for you!
• Rinse pleated filter or replace MicroClean filter if needed.

• Before draining & refilling spa – remove filter and clean using SpaGuard Filter Brite.
• Add TRIO Restoring Spa Cleanser (#3 pouch) with pump on. Circulate water for 15 minutes. Shut pump off and completely drain water according to manufacturer’s recommendations.
• At fresh fill, or every 3 months, add TRIO Enhanced Water Softener (#1 pouch).
• Next, add 1 packet of TRIO Softener & Clarifier (#2 pouch).
• Add your sanitizer – 4 tablespoons of Soft Soak Bromine Granules or Chlorine Granules per 800 liters of water (as well as bromine tabs or chlorine tabs).
· Tablets help maintain the sanitizer level in the water
· Granules give you an instant boost and help the tablets keep the sanitizer between 3-5 ppm.
• Bring in a sample to Aqua-Tech to test and properly balance the water.
· This includes balancing the Total Alkalinity, pH, and Calcium Hardness.

• Since our winters are long and cold, we cannot drain and refill every 3 months during this time.
• Drain and refill at the last possible moment in the fall where temps will allow you to (usually late October early November).
• Start your first TRIO 3-Month Kit as usual.
• When all weekly pouches have been used up in the first 3 months of winter, DO NOT put TRIO Restoring Spa Cleanser in yet, put it to the side on a shelf, this pouch is ONLY for when draining.
• Start your 2nd TRIO 3-Month Kit (#1 pouch and #2 pouch) and do another 3 months of Trio care.
• At the end of 6 months in the Spring when the weather allows, we will drain the spa using BOTH of the Trio Restoring Spa Cleanser’s (#3 pouch) and start fresh for Spring!

Please reach out to us if you ever have any questions:


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