Hot Tub Remote Not Working

Remote has never really worked – the batteries have been changed but no difference. When the control panel for the spa was replaced the pump buttons on the remote worked for a couple weeks (that was 6 months ago) but it has not worked at all for the last 3 months and the volume buttons have never worked.

1 thought on “Hot Tub Remote Not Working”

  1. Greg if the batteries have been changed and the remote is still not functioning the remote could have lost its sync with the deck. It is worth trying to re-sync the remote to the deck with new batteries in the remote. Instructions for re-sync should be in your owners manual. If these instructions are unavailable to you leave me your email address and I can forward a pdf to you.

    If the re-sync does’nt correct things then you will either have a bad remote, bad remote sensor or a bad deck.

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