Hot Tub Heating Issue

Purchased hot tub from AQT, installed Friday, July 13th. Has temperature set for the 90 degree range, but hot tub at 102 degrees. Turned the breaker on and off to see if that would help.

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  1. Hi Bill. It can be normal to gain a number of degrees in a spa with the very warm ambient air temperatures we are experiencing. If you were to use an external thermometer (baby thermometer) to place in the spa to just double check the temperature matches your topside control temperature first. If your external thermometer and the control panel both read 102 and your control is set for 90 than its simply a matter of cooling down the spa as it has gained some external heat. You can do this in a number of ways. First set your spa for economy mode. This will only allow the heater to come on during pm 5 to am 7 if there is a call for heat. Also set your primary filter cycle to 1 cycle for 24hrs. Adjust this one cycle to run for 1hr. You could also drain a small portion of hot water from the spa and add some cool water and leave the heatshield hot tub cover open at night or at least half open. Once you get back to 90 degrees you could close the cover again. Once we get out of these very warm ambient air temps you can increase your primary filter cycles to the factory default or the number of cycles you choose it to be set at and return the spa from economy mode to auto mode. If you are running the spa from October to April always make sure the spa is in auto mode and set for the maximum primary cycles of 8 cycles at 3 hrs each during this part of the calendar year. If there is a wide fluctuation between your baby thermometer and the topside control ie the thermometer says 90 and the control says 102 please contact our Service Support Desk to book a diagnostic of your spa.

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