Hot tub heat.

I have a Chelsea hot tub. I have found in the winter that the tub cannot maintain heat in cooler weather – temperature will drop 2-3 degrees while in use. I checked the temperature in the filter well with a thermometer and the temperature reading was 2 degrees higher than the temperature on the control display. Does this reflect a thermostat issue? I contacted my local dealer who suggested contact you.

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  1. David, the temp sensor in the spa is extremely accurate compared to your run of the mill thermometer. That being said I would urge you to try two different thermometers in the filter area near the temp sensor to see what they read in comparison to the topside control.
    Check that you have a 60amp GFCI and your PWA is set up for 60amp logic. If you don’t have a 60amp GFCI and you are not set up for 60amp logic you will lose heat faster in the winter when the spa is in use and the pumps are active.
    You could also use the temp override feature to bring the spa higher then 104 so you will have 2 extra degrees before things start to cool off during winter use.

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