Hot Tub FL1 error

680 Hawthorne (installed Sept 25th, 2012) displaying FL1 error every few days. Have replaced filters and water level is good.

3 thoughts on “Hot Tub FL1 error”

  1. Hi Lindsey. Sounds like you could have a bad connection at the flow switch and or a bad flow switch if the circ pump is working good and you have good flow.

  2. Would this be something you could test if we called you out for a service call? We’ve had this issue since December at least but when a technician came out in January they didn’t notice this issue, because the hot tub corrected itself and was functioning normally when he arrived. I was just hoping if you came out and there wasn’t currently an error code that you would hopefully be able to find the problem and cause, someone else had thought it might be an intermittent psi switch(when I posted this issue back in May). Would you be able to solve any of these issues at the time you came out or do we need to call you back for a follow up appointment after we’ve discovers the problem. Thanks very much for your help and advice.

    1. Hi Lindsey. There is a test we can perform on the switch. Sometimes with positive results sometimes inconclusive. I’ve attached a purchase link for the switch in case you want to buy it and try and change it yourself or check the connections on your own. You would need to drain the spa water to replace the switch. If you can switch out a light bulb you could change this switch:

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