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We purchased the hot tub last month. It seems to have a difficult time maintaining heat with the cover open. This past weekend (not particularly cold) the temp dropped from 103 to 100 in about 10 minutes. The heater comes on but does not heat very quickly; the temp did not go up while in use. My prior tub (Altamar) did not have that problem. Could it be a thermostat issue?

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  1. David, insert an accurate baby thermometer in the filter compartment near the bottom of the filter. Whatever your baby thermometer reads should be what your topside control reads +/- 1 degree. If this is the case your temp sensor is functioning correctly.
    Be sure your spa is setup for 60amp logic and your PWA jumper is set for 60amp logic and that your circ pump setting and filter cycle settings are set for maximum ie C6 and F3. This will ensure that your spa will be able to heat when there is a heat call.
    If everything checks out here you may want to utilize the overtemp feature of your Chelsee spa and raise the temperature closer to 106 before use if you find the temperature dropping quicker as we get further into the colder months of winter.

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