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I have a Sunrise hot tub that is approx. 15 years old and have been pretty reliable. But now my main breaker in the house keeps tripping. Opened up the control panel and no moisture in it. I’m pretty sure I may need service unless you have any ideas. If someone can give me a phone call on this it would be appreciated.


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  1. Don this is a web based support site only. Try disconnecting each appliance one by one while trying to reset the GFCI each time to see if it holds. Start with the heater and move through the other devices ie ozone unit, circ pump, jet pumps, blowers, lights, stereos etc. If all else fails contact our Service Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair of your Sunrise Spa.

    1. Ok tried that and made it to the heater and the GFCI is holding. I reconnected the heater to the circuit board and disconnected the hard wires right at the element and it’s still holding. So I would say I need a new heater element?

      1. Don you could have a bad heater element there. Send me the kw of the element and the make of the pak ie Balboa, Gecko etc and I can send you a link to our website where you can check on availability and price.

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